If you’re seeking legal assistance for commercial leases, the idea of paying exorbitant fees may seem intimidating. We at eLease Lawyers understand that budgeting for legal assistance is important, but entering into a lease without this advice comes with risks attached.

For advice and guidance about commercial leases, speak to our experienced team today.

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When you’re looking for reliable solicitors who have experience with commercial leases, the team at eLease Lawyers should be the first people you speak to. With our competitive fees structure, we are able to provide our services to both small and large businesses across Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Australia wide.

As a business owner, you may not necessarily have the background required to draw up or assess the strength and shortcomings of commercial leases. Don’t risk the integrity and security of your business by signing a contract that fails to protect your brand; have the team at eLease Laywers look over your situation and help set you up for your best chance at success.

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When it comes to commercial leases, you can’t afford to make mistakes in your documentation. The team at eLease Lawyers specialise in retail and commercial leasing. Working with both large corporations and small businesses, our experienced team are dedicated to providing each of our clients with personalised and dedicated service.

If you’re preparing to draw up a commercial lease, contact our team today. We can provide advice and guidance to ensure that you and your business are protected going forward. To learn more about our experience and services, or to enquire about legal fees, you can contact us on (02) 8823 3307, sending an email to contact@eleaselawyers.com, or submitting an enquiry form



Standard State Lease documents $2,500 (not including additional clauses)
Simple lease (Generally 24-50 pages) $2,500 to $3,500
Large leases including Centre leases $3,500 to 5,500
Licenses (similar to lease prices)
Variations of Leases $1,500 (simple option leases) to $3,500 (complex)
Transfer of Lease / Assignment of leases Price on application
Disputes Price on application


What does the above include:

  1. Review of document,
  2. Review of disclosure statement (if provided);
  3. Negotiate changes with the landlord’s solicitor (amendments normally between 30-150 changes) – 2 rounds of changes;
  4. Provide you with a summary of the document;
  5. Explain the main items that require amendment in the document and why they are required;
  6. Review amendments to the document; and
  7. Assist with finalising the document to be signed and registered.
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