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When can a landlord evict a tenant?

The landlord must follow legislation and the lease terms before terminating the lease

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The end of COVID-19 rent relief

Changes to the legislation surrounding covid rent relief that impacts your business.

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COVID-19 is also affecting leases

Government announcements lead to an extension to the COVID-19 leasing protections

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COVID-19 rent relief update

See the most up to date information regarding Covid and your lease.

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Questions answered about your lease and COVID-19

See the most common asked questions surrounding COVID-19 and your lease.

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Is a retail lease standard

no lease is standard and you should obtain legal advice before signing any lease.

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Ending your lease early

there could be a way to end your lease early if you follow these steps.

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What happens at the end of your lease

Ensure you are compliant on the exit of your lease so that you do not incur unnecessary costs.

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Disclosure Statements

Both landlord and tenants have a duty do sign these documents in relation leases. If you do not comply penalties apply.

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