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If you have a right to extend your lease you should make sure you do not miss the deadline to extend. Read more to find out how to extend accurately.

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Rent review cautions and processes in leases

Rent review clauses in the lease are not standard. Generally, there are three major types of rent review methods which are outlined below:

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Leasing And Tenancy

It is important to obtain the right tenancy and lease to help protect your growing business. It is best you seek specialist legal advice before entering into any lease as these documents are not ‘standard’.

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Retail Lease Disputes

Where should you begin? If you have a dispute you should:

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10 steps for tenants

Here are some valuable steps that you should consider before you enter into a lease. These steps could help save you thousands over the long run.

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Leasing law

Website links relating to leasing law around Australia including relevant legislation, tribunals, law societies/Institutes and other useful organisations.

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